“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

Vedic Mathematics is a label for the ancient system of mathematics that encompasses a unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles, with which many complex mathematical problems can be solved. Vedic Math teaches unique, intuitive ways of elementary computing, not taught in regular school math courses. These concepts are based on how mind naturally works, and useful in all mathematical operations from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus.

Instead of learning by repetition, Vedic Mathematics involves logic and understanding the fundamental concepts. Why we rely just on Western education pattern and learning through logical reasoning instead of mentally solving them. People must be encouraged to learn Vedic mathematics and it must be part of our curricula.

The most appealing aspect of this form of computation is coherence, the whole system is interrelated and unified. Same concepts can be used in addition, multiplication and division, making understanding these concepts intuitive.

Complexity in computation is often reduced to one line – ex. multiplication or division. Owing to the simplicity of these math operations this form of computation is now termed mental math. The techniques used are quite different from what student learns in regular schools. Students must be ready to understand a completely alternate way of solving a problem. Students respond faster while competing in contests where time is of essence.

Benefits of Vedic Math

  • Vedic Math helps students solve mathematical problems about 15 times faster.
  • Vedic Math reduces finger counting & scratch work and improves mental calculation.
  • Logical thinking process gets enhanced.
  • Vedic Maths improves Concentration.
  • Vedic Mathematics Tricks is very useful in the aptitude section of the competitive exams.


This will be a 10-week program with 1.5 hours of class per week. This is a new program that will be introduced in 2019.


  • Overview of Sutras and sub-sutras used in Vedic Math.
  • Addition using ParamaMitra sankhya (best friend method, Dot Superscript); Paravartya addition).
  • Subtraction – Vinculum, Nikhilam and Best friend method.
  • Multiplication: Nikhilam method; Anurupyena method, Antyor Dasake Api, Urdhwa Triyagbhyam; multiplication of numbers ending in 9s and 11s; squares; dwandwa yoga.
  • Division :Paravartya method, Nikhilam method, Anurupyena Method.
  • Ankamula checks for all operations.