"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again."

School teaches children many things but forgets to preach the most important of all: Life Skills. NorthSouth seeks to bridge that gap with our own programs, giving students a better chance at learning concepts and skills that are not taught elsewhere.

Confidence Building

As middle school and high school become more challenging both academically and socially, students are striving to find ways to stand out from their peers. These days, excelling in academics is simply not enough; there is more emphasis on how effectively students can build connections through meaningful communication and how confident they showcase themselves. Most students, even the brightest, lack confidence in their speaking abilities in putting thoughts across and standing out when in a crowd of other competitive students.

NorthSouth’s Confidence building program helps students to emerge into confident individuals by training them to think positively, face challenges head-on and handle anxiety, criticisms and rejections effectively. The program also equips students with skills that transform them into self-motivated individuals. Apart from this, students also learn crucial public speaking techniques, which aids them to give professional level presentations at a very young age.

Benefits of the Confidence Building Program

It helps students to discover their inner strengths, conquer their fears, build their confidence, strengthen their self-esteem, and handle their mistake and criticism positively. Students that undergo this course stand out in a group because of their positive attitude and actions, which result in recognition, reward, and respect. This course helps participants enjoy the freedom of being so confident in their beliefs that they are not affected by someone else's opinion. There is a true sense of confidence in all accomplishments as participants are armed with the necessary tools to build confidence through focus and determination.

Why your child should take the class

  • Confidence is the steppingstone to success
  • High self-esteem is the core of a healthy personality
  • Confidence enables students to tackle challenges and gain mental strength
  • The biggest hurdle that stops students from achieving success is self-doubt
  • Public Speaking is an indispensable skill that is mandatory for success

By the end of the course, your child will be able to...

  • Think creatively, set goals, and solve problems
  • Break through self-imposed limits to achieve their full potential
  • Overcome fear and nervousness of public speaking and communicate effectively
  • Have the courage to handle setbacks, criticism and rejections
  • Exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results
  • Compete in various competitions with confidence
  • Accept responsibility
  • Be Self-motivated
  • Grow into secure young adults

Eligibility & Structure of the Program

Students enrolled in the course will have the ability to improve their self-esteem and public speaking skills. Each class will cover a topic such as confidence, anxiety, goal setting, etc. and the students will be provided with techniques to better help them navigate these areas in their own lives. The classes are taught in a narrative manner that makes the content fun and informative. The homework for each class will involve public speaking assignments that the students can use to grow in this aspect through the guidance and feedback of the coach.

This is a 10-week program with 1 hour of class each week.

This course will be offered to children in grades 5-9.


  • What is Confidence? How to develop a better sense of confidence
  • Belief in your own dreams. Start acting immediately
  • What is self-esteem? How to increase your self-esteem
  • How to handle mistakes
  • How to harness the power of your talents and put them to use
  • How to handle comparisons
  • How to set and achieve goals. Using goals as a way of achieving success
  • How to face your fears?
  • Using feedback to your advantage. Differentiating between constructive and destructive criticism
  • Something interactive with students