“History is the interpretation of the significance that the past has for us.”– Johan Huizinga

History is all around us. Each one of our world’s cultures, ideas, landmarks, and innovations all has its own history. Yet the benefits of history are far beyond simply learning about our surroundings. By learning history, we can explore the causes and consequences of certain historical events and learn not to make a similar mistake in the future. For example, by learning about the characterstics of modern epidemics during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, we could better solve the COVID-19 situation that plagues us today.

There are so many different ways to learn history: reading articles, exploring historical sites, and taking history courses. Yet the best way to learn this massive subject is to take a comprehensive thematic course that focuses on general historical themes and processes rather than random intricate details. Hence, the student can gain a more general holistic understanding of history and can place any additional knowledge he/she acquires into this general framework.

The NorthSouth History Bee Coaching uses this thematic approach in its fun intensive 8-week program. We cover the general ideas of all of World History from Mesopotamia to Biden’s administration, with many weeks devoted to subsets of World History such as Indian History, European History, and US History.

With the history bee program, the student will be able to better understand not just the history of the world around them but the historical significance of each aspect of our world and how they all relate to each other.


The coaching program will be 8 hours long in total with a 1 hour session each week for 8 weeks.


Each week, the student will get about 20 general comprehension questions based on the previous class’s curriculum. This will make sure the student gains a general understanding of our world’s history before the next aspect of the subject is taught.


  • SHB - Grades 4 through 8
    • Taught by a 12th grader who has extensive experience studying and teaching history and has helped write a college-level history textbook, Voyages in World History
    • If you are in 4th or 5th grade, DO NOT SIGN UP ON YOUR OWN. Please email coaching@northsouth.org with some of your experience with studying history to see if this course is not too hard for you

SHB Coaching Syllabus

The structure of the coaching program is as follows:

Weeks 1-4: World History (This includes European History)
Foundations (Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Mesoamerica)
Classical Civilizations (Persian Empires, Greece, Rome)
Post-Classical Empires (Land-Based Empires, Trade Routes, Rise of European Kingdoms)
European Exploration in 15th-18th Centuries
Political and Industrial Revolutions of 18th-19th Centuries
European Imperialism in 19th-20th Centuries
World Wars
Cold War
Post-Cold War Era

Weeks 5-7: US History
Native Americans
13 Colonies
American Revolution
Market Revolution
Civil War
Gilded Age
World Wars
Cold War
Post-Cold War Era

Week 8: Indian History
Indus River Valley Civilization
Rise of Buddhism
Indian Ocean Trade Network
Mughal Empire
British Imperialism
Indian Independence Movement
Post-Independence India

Please contact coaching@northsouth.org for any further questions