“The important thing is to never stop questioning”

NorthSouth believes science is a field of study which encourages curiosity and instills a sense of innovation in children. Science is a prose that has tons of potential and when proper knowledge is taught to children, there is nothing one cannot discover. In order to flourish and support this philosophy, the Science Bee was introduced in 2010 by NorthSouth. The competition provides enrichment to children’s’ academic life and serves as a platform for preparation of the future: careers in STEM. Furthermore, the Science Bee inspires and nurtures a student’s curiosity and enhances understanding and reasoning behind science among students in grades 1 through 8.

Of many fields of study, science is one that truly cannot be limited. For that reason, NorthSouth’s coaching program is on an inquiry basis. Each week a different topic is presented; the coach will explain the basics of the topic with ample information, then also touch on more advanced concepts. Based on that, the children learn to ask questions and seek answers themselves by conducting their own experiments employing the scientific method. Over the 15 weeks of the program, the students accumulate knowledge on a broad range of topics. As they are encouraged to do experiments, they will also discuss their observations and share their findings with fellow students during the last session through a research report. All in all, through fostering curiosity and never-ending interest in science, concepts are explored, as outlined in the syllabus for junior, intermediate, and senior levels.

The Science coaching session will run typically for 15 weeks with a 2 hour weekly session. There is no standard homework schedule for this subject, but that may vary from coach to coach. Generally, coaches may send the student links to explore topics covered in class and watch videos to more easily grasp the concepts.

Eligiility & Syllabus

As far as science coaching goes, there are no sub-levels within each of the JSC/ISC/SSC levels. We strongly believe all kids learn and flourish at their own pace. No matter which level a student is enrolled in, the more exposure to concepts they receive, the better their depth of understanding becomes. Repeating a course also enhances their understanding as the children gain more knowledge.

Interesting Read - How Science works

Science depends on interactions within the scientific community. Science is exciting, dynamic and unpredictable. Science relies on creative people thinking outside the box. (Source: Understanding Science - How science really works) Our science coaching follows this concept.

Application of Skills

Many of these skills learned from the coaching class can be applied to the real world in terms of competitions and academic contests. Here are just a few your child may be interested in and could truly excel in.

NorthSouth Science Bee Competition:

Please check this link: Science Bee

At NorthSouth, our outlook and belief is that the Science Bee will provide an additional enrichment to our children’s academic life and better prepare them for scientific careers. We seek to encourage curiosity and after all, in the true spirit of the contest, every contestant is a winner, for he/she has congregated the courage to face the challenge! Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Competitions for Middle Schoolers:

Competitions for High Schoolers:

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