Do you feel pressured when you have to give presentations, but just don’t feel confident speaking in front of others?

Our future depends on the authentic voices of our young communicators and leaders. As daunting as public speaking may seem, it is a learned skill that can be developed with intentional focus on the various aspects that make everyday conversations at home, school, workplaces, and communities powerful. Effective communication, whether to an audience of one or many, has the best chance of unraveling its potential when harnessed early.

Public speaking, therefore, is not magic. Compelling speakers are not born; they are trained. Mastering the art of formal and informal communication builds your confidence, boosts your leadership skills, and equips you to inspire others to action. Our public speaking coaching program will arm you with the fundamentals of how to use your voice, body language, and authentic personal style to be a more effective speaker. You will learn by speaking, interacting, reflecting, and leading, in a supportive and empowering environment.

The program's unique six-session participatory style curriculum is designed to enable students to develop public speaking and leadership skills through practice. By the end of the program, students will start communicating with confidence and ease.

Participants learn to:

  1. Overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience.
  2. Organize and present ideas logically and convincingly.
  3. Know your audience.
  4. Listen carefully to others' ideas.
  5. Offer feedback that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.
  6. Participate in - and even lead - group discussions or meetings.
  7. Increase their self-confidence.


Review class notes and prepare speeches.


  • Junior Public Speaking: Grades 6 to 8


The structure of the program is as follows:

Session 1 : Importance of Communication and Leadership; Introduction to Public Speaking.
Session 2 : Speech Organization
Session 3 : Impromptu Speaking/Table Topics
Session 4 : Body Gestures
Session 5 : Voice and Vocabulary
Session 6 : Show your skills