“Practice makes Perfection!”

At NorthSouth, math goes beyond a school subject. Our coaches are determined to instill a passion for mathematics in students by employing various techniques, assigning unique problem types, and exploring multiple ways to derive a solution. It is truly a learning experience for all children as each topic in math has its own attributions. Furthermore, developing an understanding for the reasoning behind each step in solving a problem is a key factor of the coaching program since 2010.
The primary objective of Elementary Math (MB1) coaching is to lay solid foundation of math concepts so they retain them throughout their life. During this course children will be exposed to basic concepts and topics they will need to solve simple math problems.
MB2 is focused on preparing students for broad range math topics to help students excel in school and prepare the students for competitions. The objective of the sessions is to motivate and help children work and think about problem-solving techniques.
MB3 focuses on problems from the MathCounts competition. The program is designed to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while helping students prepare for each of the 4 rounds of the MathCounts competition. The problems are quite challenging, particularly for students in lower grades. The problems cover a wide array of topics including geometry and algebra. Some problems require use of calculator.


Practice makes perfection and math is the perfect example for that. Children will independently solve 20 problems in their weekly homework as a means of showcasing the skills learned from the previous session. During the next session, the coach will go over the homework and answer any questions. Our dedicated coaches are always willing to assist even during the week to help clarify any doubts of the student or parent.
Cumulatively, all the skills learned from these math classes serve well to the students as they progress to high school and learn higher-level mathematics and compete in more advanced competitions (see a full list below).
The math program lasts for 15 weeks with 2-hour weekly sessions.

Eligibility & Syllabus

Level Determination

We believe parents know their children the best; therefore, no diagnostic test is given for placement of students. Parents can determine the level based on the skill set of their child while heeding to the following guidelines:

  • NorthSouth Elementary Math (MB1) – 1st and 2nd graders
    • There are two levels: Junior and Senior

  • NorthSouth Pre-MathCounts (MB2) – 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders

  • NorthSouth MathCounts (MB3) – 6th, 7th, and 8th graders
    • There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
    • MathCounts has three types of handbook problems (Warmup, Workout, Stretch) to prepare students for each of the rounds of the competition. The degree of difficulty of problems is used to differentiate the various levels of the MB3 coaching program.
    • Beginner: Problems from MathCounts Warm-Up and Workout are used. These prepare the students for Sprint and Countdown rounds.
    • Intermediate: MathCounts handbook Problems from Workout are used. These prepare the students for Target and Team rounds.
    • Advanced: Stretch problems are used from MathCounts handbook. The problems are very challenging. Each problem may involve concepts from multiple math concepts. Students are expected to have skills and knowledge in algebra and geometry.

Application of Skills

Many of these skills learned from the coaching class can prepare the students for competitions and academic contests. Here are just a few your child may be interested in and could truly excel in.

NorthSouth Math Bee Competition:

The Math Bee is a wonderful opportunity and is open to children of Indian origin in grades 1st through 8th. Younger children are also encouraged to participate as means of familiarizing themselves with the contest. First, children participate in a regional contest, conducted in various states throughout USA. Qualified winners of the regional contests are invited to participate in the National Finals.
Please check this link: Math Bee

Competitions for Middle Schoolers:

Competitions for High Schoolers:

Please contact coaching@northsouth.org for any further questions