“Without geography, you’re nowhere”

In our busy lives, we often forget to learn about the things around us. Knowing about the world lets us understand remote events and gives the ability to impact peoples’ lives all around the world. Geography is the study that bridges a connection between physical systems, cultural clashes, evolution, modification of environments, availability and distribution of resources which ultimately results in developing a mental map of the world while establishing a greater understanding as well.

Being Geography literate would allow children to become aware as global citizens and as a result, active members on the world stage. Furthermore, geography inspires children to appreciate nature and Earth as the homeland of humankind. It also inspires kids to make wise decisions about how the planet’s resources should be conserved and innovations of alternative energy sources for the next century.

The program has allowed students to learn about places and people all around the world in a fun, engaging way! Not only does it increase geographic knowledge and helps children become champions, but it also instills the universal principles of education in them: the desire to learn, the power of focus, discipline to stay on course, significance of hard work + determination, and also a chance to understand concepts and make a sense of them in real-life situation. Together, this sets up students for success in higher achievement in the future.

The coaching is 10 weeks long with 2 hours session each week (with the exception of holidays) starting around October every year. In the past, NorthSouth coaching program students have won many state and national level competitions include National Geographic Bee. These champions have returned to NorthSouth to coach other students.

Eligiility & Syllabus

Application of Skills

Many of these skills learned from the coaching class prepare the students for competitions and academic contests. Here are just a few your child may be interested in and could truly excel in.

NorthSouth Geography Bee Competition:

Please check this link: Geography Bee

A student who prepares for a geography bee is better able to understand various topics that have an impact on our planet. Register to get one step closer to this opportunity!

Competitions for Middle Schoolers:

Competitions for High Schoolers:

Please contact coaching@northsouth.org for any further questions