College Admissions Planning (CAP) process is not well known to many of the NRI parents. Getting into college has never been more competitive. With tens of thousands of qualified candidates, every aspect of an application is critical for success.

North South Foundation in partnership with AcceptU ( is offering the following targeted college admission workshops. AcceptU founders and team members have been college admission officers in various Ivy League and other prestigious universities.

College Admissions Planning Workshop Schedule:

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Eligibility: Grade 8 or higher

Don’t miss out these workshops! There will be a late fee of $15 for registrations after the deadline. Two-thirds of your contribution is tax-deductible. This portion is used towards helping poor children going to college in India.

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College Admissions Planning Workshop Overview:

1. Summer Activity Planning & Leadership Development - February 6 at 1PM and Feb 7th at 4PM Eastern

From an admissions perspective, a strong academic profile alone is not enough to gain admission into highly selective colleges and universities. Applicants must convey to admissions committees a purposeful commitment to involvement and leadership outside the classroom. In this webinar you and your child will learn:

  • Why extracurricular and summer activities matter to admissions officers
  • How leadership is evaluated
  • Common misconceptions when it comes to extracurricular activities
  • Why admissions committees have re-evaluated the term “well-rounded”

2. Insider’s Look at State University Admissions - March 6 and March 7 at 4PM Eastern

Join us as we provide an admissions overview of some of the largest state university systems in the country, including University of California, University of Texas and University of New York, and how both instate and out of state families can best prepare for success in the process. In this webinar you will learn:

  • An overview of the application system that state schools use
  • What the most important part of the application actually is
  • How applications are evaluated by admissions officers
  • How to stand out as an out-of-state applicant

3. Creating a College List - April 3 and 4

Creating a balanced college list is an integral step in the admissions process. While the process becomes most crucial in junior year, there are still steps freshmen and sophomores can be taking to explore universities. In this webinar, you will learn: how to curate a list of likely, target and reach schools; the different types of schools (Ivies, large public universities, liberal arts colleges, technical institutes, etc.); how to make the most out of your college visit; how to demonstrate interest to these schools.

4. Guide to Pre-Med Admissions - June 5 and 6

Pre-med programs and combined BS/MD programs are some of the most competitive in the United States. In this webinar, you will learn what admissions officers are looking for in pre-med applicants, how to engage in meaningful extracurricular opportunities and how you can help to differentiate your child from other applicants in the process.

5. Ivy League Q&A and Case Studies - August 7 and 8

Join a few of AcceptU's former Ivy League admissions officers as they discuss case studies from students who have been accepted to Ivy League universities, provide strategies on differentiation and answer all of your questions about applying to the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S.

6. College Planning for Juniors - October 2 and 3

Junior year marks a key turning point for high school students as they begin to navigate the college search process. Join us as we cover tips on standardized testing, school list development, summer activity planning and admissions strategy to succeed in 11th grade.