North South Foundation conducts Online and Onsite workshops for Spelling, Math, Science and Geography Bee. These workshops are designed to encourage and prepare children to take part in Regional Contests as well as various national contests such as National Geographic Bee, Scripps Spelling Bee and MATHCOUNTS. The workshops include a review of the contest rules, tips to prepare for the competitions, fun exercises, practice mock bee, and more. This is a parent-child event and includes a booklet or study guide. The workshops provide the following benefits:

  • Improves learning
  • Enables chidren to gain confidence, get rid of phobia, fear or anxiety of the contest
  • Gives a thorough understanding of the basics
  • Learn how the NorthSouth contests are organized
  • Get to know what to study (study material)
  • Both the child and parent get more comfortable and get tuned in
  • Strengthening the NorthSouth family