Chandigarh, endowed with magnificent backdrop of the Shivalik Hills, sparkling gardens and a planned township, is one of the most beautiful and glamorous cities of India. Being Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's Dream City of modern India, it was designed by the French master-architect Le Corbusier. It has derived its name from the Hindu Goddess of power known as Shri Chandika whose temple is situated in the city’s vicinity. It is also the capital of Punjab and Haryana. As per a study conducted by Ministry of Urban Development, it is the cleanest city in India & surely it stands up to its name as the City Beautiful.

With a motive to reach out to needy but brilliant students in North India as well the Chandigarh chapter was introduced in 2010. Six students received scholarships worth Rs 32000.

Scholarships History
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House No. 645, Street No 7, Vikas Nagar, Via Gate No 1
Naya Gaon, S A S Nagar,
Punjab- 160103