Holistic program designed for kids to learn directly from a coach and they also get to interact with other students. Learning Journey programs allow students to progress independently and help inculcate self-learning ability.

Online on a Google Meet once a day

Yes, students who are ready to join First-grade public school in Fall 2024 can join the 1-3 grade Foundational program

Your child can be registered for the appropriate grade level for the upcoming school year.

Foundational classes:

  • Foundational classes aimed at supplementing and advancing the k-12 curriculum.
  • Develop skillsets necessary to be successful in school, SAT/ACT exams, and college transition from high school
  • Holistic learning - community leadership

Advanced classes:

  • Stem-based elite extracurriculars - Olympiads and national level well-recognized contests
  • Discussion and research-oriented classes included
  • Holistic learning - community leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

This is the program that you need to join your child. Start with the Foundational package in this case.

It will help build your child's confidence and prepare them for national-level competitions in different subjects.

Anywhere from 15 to 20 students with a Coach.

All homework will be posted on Google Classroom for easy access and submission

Students can refer to Google Classroom for details and if they still have questions, coaches will assist them during office hours

Office hour is a time slot provided to kids who have been on vacation for more than a week, to offer them any additional help they may require.

One 30-minute session will be allowed, depending on the number of students, it might be combined with other students at the same level.

Your child can be registered for the appropriate grade level for the upcoming school year. They can be part of either Foundational or Advanced. Choose only one package at any given time.

Yes, the class duration for each package depends on the grade level and lesson plan. It can vary from 45 minutes to 90 minutes for grades 4 through 12 and it will be 60 minutes for grades 1 through 3.

The tax-deductible amount for each package is 2/3 of the total cost.

The NorthSouth coaches are high school students who have undergone screening and interviews conducted by professionals in their respective fields. We also have a few adult volunteers as coaches.

You will receive the classroom link through the email address provided by the parent at least 3 days before the first class.