Meet The Pros (MTP) Webinar Series
MTP 23-01: Meet Our 2023 Spelling PROs (January 8th , 2023) Registered: 311; Attended: 128

We are onto our 2023 Regional contests season and the registrations are about to start. To help and support the contestants and parents, we are planning to offer a series of “Meet The PRO” type webinars for the next few weeks on various subject matters, as we have done before. However, this time, our PROs will talk about some of their favorite subject areas and tips about how to prepare for them. Our intent is to motivate the younger children to get inspired and encouraged to participate in the regional contests as well as look beyond those NorthSouth contests towards National and International competitions. These sessions would be live with the champs sharing their experience, challenges, benefits they derived, tips & tricks and also answer your questions. We are starting the series with the ever-popular Spelling Bee contests with few of our well-known PROs. who have been successful in competitions at the national, international scenes. Please do attend and get benefitted with their tips and tricks.

Spelling PROs

Harini Logan

Harini is the 2022 Scripps Spelling Bee Champion. She started her spelling journey in 2016 after gaining inspiration by watching the 2015 SNSB finals. She started her Scripps journey in 2018, when she was in fourth grade, and participated in 4 consecutive Scripps National Spelling Bees since 2018. Throughout her journey, Harini has also participated in North South bees since 2016 and believes that they have helped her develop her method for spelling onstage. Harini will talk about eponyms

Navneeth Murali

Navneeth is a highschool sophomore. He is a two-time Finalist at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, placing 5th in 2018 and 11th in 2019. He won the 2019 South Asian Spelling Bee and the 2019 North America Spelling Championship Challenge. Navneeth continues to channel his passion for language as a spelling coach and a lead vocabulary coach for North South, helping groom the next generation of spellers. Navneeth will talk about identifying exceptions and making purposeful lists from the dictionary

Avani Joshi

Avani competed in the Scripps National Spelling Bee twice in 2019, as well as in 2021 tying for 7th place. She feels that North South played a pivotal role in developing her foundation as a speller, giving me a platform to practice before the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Currently, she is running a spelling bee club to help provide other students in my locale an opportunity to hone their skills to achieve their dreams in spelling; all my proceeds go to local charities.  Avani will talk about “Anglicization” of Hindi/Sanskrit words

Sahana Srikanth

Sahana is currently a high school freshman. She has been involved with spelling bees since 2017, and in 2021 & 2022 she qualified for the Scripps National Bee. That experience gave her an outlet to pursue her passion, develop her confidence, befriend spellers, and make new memories. She is now a volunteer coaching with North South, hosts a bee program at her school. In addition to language, she loves music, plays the piano & violin, and dance Bharatanatyam. She is also part of her school’s speech and debate team. Sahana will talk about preparing for the contests and how to create a study plan so spellers don’t feel overwhelmed with materials

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Few Feedback Comments
  • It was awesome
  • Given we have all levels of kids in this, it would be best to segregate this into kids below certain age / level and high schoolers. The one done today was extremely helpful for ppl who are at intermediate to expert levels.