With its 23 year history, NSF is looking to further increase its ability to serve more deserving students by providing scholarships. In order to do so, we need assistance from students, parents and everyone who can help grow this mission.
100% of the money goes towards providing educational scholarships to deserving students in India. Please check the NSF website to learn more about our process of screening candidates and disbursing scholarships:
As contestants like you are more familiar with NSF and its mission, we are counting on you to spread the word around to your friends and family members to increase NSF’s profile and encourage participation in NSF's programs.
No, participation in this program is voluntary. NSF encourages everyone to participate in this program to help its cause and further its mission.
NSF provides plenty of resources to make you successful and the NSF website at www.northsouth.org has plenty of information that will help you explain this program to potential donors.
NSF suggests a minimum target of $250, which funds a scholarship for a student for a period of one year.
No, there is no minimum donation amount. Any amount will help.
Yes, NSF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which means that donations for this program are 100 percent tax deductible to the donor. To obtain a tax receipt for donations exceeding $250, the donor can get a receipt online or contact NSF organizers. The NSF tax identification number is 36-3659998.When a student is selected for a scholarship, the student is asked to receive the award in person at an awards ceremony, in front of a full audience.NSF makes it a point to announce that all these awards are being given to poor families.In summary, North South Foundation is sensitive to this issue and is trying its best to ensure that the most deserving students receive the scholarships.
Donations can be made in several forms. Donors can pay by cash or check directly to you. Alternatively, donations can be mailed to NSF headquarters at 2 Marissa Ct, Burr Ridge, IL 60527.On the check, donors can indicate that they are sponsoring you by writing your name in the memo section of the check.Credit card payment can be made directly on the NSF website at
Yes, we respect your and any donor’s privacy. We encourage you to provide this data so we can recognize significant contributions. Also we need this information in case of an IRS audit.
Yes, NSF will acknowledge and recognize the fundraisers, donors, and chapters.