The strength of any organization lies in its grass roots support. NorthSouth local chapters are beginning to symbolize this motto more than ever. A new chapter will initially focus on conducting spelling bees and vocabulary contests. This is to the immediate benefit of the local Indian community in the area. As of December 2003, there are over 35 chapters across the United States with half a dozen of them started just recently.

Each chapter relies on one main coordinator, but needs at least a couple of additional volunteers to conduct the Foundation activities. They in turn draw on other volunteers, who will help organize the events to promote excellence in education.

A successful chapter ought to organize:

  • Educational Contests (Spelling Bee / Vocabulary Contest)
  • Fund raising for scholarships in India (Walk-a-thon)
  • Community service to help those in the local area of the United States

While these activities may be limited in scope at the current time, it is up to the local chapter to engage in other constructive events that promote excellence in the true spirit of the Foundation.

The success of the local chapter is not just measured by the above activities alone but by tangible results such as the following:

  • Youth leaders, with their dedicated service, functioning as ambassadors of the Indian community
  • Dedicated volunteers, who are promoting excellence in education and promoting Indian youth as future leaders
  • Awareness and appreciation of the Foundation activities and its mission by the community at large, media and certainly the business and political leaders

We are only at the first inning of this great adventure and believe that every chapter can take on the full-fledged role, as highlighted above. We hope to reach every region of the country, which has a large concentration of Indian American population, by starting a new chapter and fulfill the goals of excellence in education and community service.

FAQ on Starting a New Chapter

How many volunteers will be needed to manage a chapter? Can one person manage a chapter?

Chapter management depends on activities taken up by chapter. We have lot of chapters where Individuals have successfully managed chapters. When one is taking first step there are always willing people ready to join.

What does a chapter coordinator need to do for conducting educational contests?

Identify date for the contest and rent free venue in the form of two class rooms which can accommodate around 60 people for a weekend day for a duration of 8 hours

  • Publicize the event among the community
  • Identify the judges and pronouncers
  • Organize the event
  • Explore the local sponsors
  • Dispatch the test scores and test answer sheets to National Coordination Committee

How does North South Foundation support you?

NorthSouth Volunteers will provide all necessary information and support to make your volunteering experience a pleasure. NorthSouth National Team does the following to support you.

  • Guides the local team thru handholding from A to Z through e-mails and conference calls when needed
  • Provide flyers and registration forms thru web
  • Online registration of the participants (minimal paper work involved)
  • Provide word lists to the registrants (can be downloaded through the website)
  • Brief the judges and pronouncers about the contest procedures thru conference calls as well as continuous on call support till the completion of the event
  • Provide Test Words with answers and all supporting materials necessary to conduct the contests
  • Provide certificates and Medallions to all participants and winners
  • Will publish the winners on the web page

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to call any of us or send e-mail to