From the Home Page, select US Activities --> Contests --> Regional Contests. From the Regional Contests main page, click on “Register Online” link on the left to login. Once you login, you can add your children and register them for various contests.

You can change your old email to the new one under the "Personal Preferences" section. If you encounter a problem, click here to send an email to   Act quickly so that you can get practice words for your children.

Practice words will be provided for Vocab & Spelling bees only upon completing the payment. Syllabus for the rest are posted on the web. There might be workshops being organized at your chapter. Check with your coordinator.


Right click on the link and save a copy of the pdf or doc file.

If you would like to have your children practice for the spelling or vocabulary contest using an online game, please use the following links.

To learn about the online game, click here

For a demo of spelling/vocabulary game, click here

Use your frequently used PRIVATE e-mail so that you can continue to receive updates about contests.

  1. clicked on "part of NorthSouth Foundation family"...
  2. login/password -- typed in, accepted
  3. Required to enter details about myself and my spouse
  4. After entering those, I get the message "your primary email address is already in our database...".... and this cycle repeats, if I try again...

It appears that you are trying to create your profile again, although one already exists. If you moved, you should retrieve the old profile and update it. If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it from the login page. If your email is no longer valid, you can change it from the login page. If these measures fail, send an e-mail to with your old e-mail that you used in the previous year(s) and new e-mail address.

We have tested Online Registration many times over. If you still get any technical errors during online registration, send a mail to giving details of the error you encountered. We will rectify the errors at the earliest. 

Please use ONLY Microsoft Internet Explorer to register, as this is the only one we have tested. Firefox or Netscape Browser should NOT be used for registration. You might receive "This Store does not accept payments at this time" error when you use these other browser. You may get other types of errors in other situations as well.

If you receive errors like "SQL ODBC Error" check your data. Please do not use single or double quotes while entering registration data. e.g. Andrew's Elementary School can be changed to Andrews Elementary School while entering registration data.

Yes, you can still register online even though the center is not yet finalized. You will see contest venue and date on the site as soon as the information is available. Remember that once registered, no refunds will be made. It is your responsibility to have your child(ren) participate at the venue on the date and time chosen by your chapter.

Online registration generally closes two weeks before the contest date. Because of this rule, registration deadline is different for each chapter. Check contest calendar for deadline of each chapter.

Yes, you can - From the Home Page, use Parent Login to check status. A pending status indicates registration fee has not yet been received by our system. If you see pending status, but if you had already paid by credit card, please contact your coordinator. Paid status indicates that registration process is complete. 

While you are making a registration payment for the contest, you can also avail the opportunity to make a donation, if you like. A $250 donation will send a top ranking poor child in India to college for one year. NorthSouth Foundation urges each parent to consider helping a poor, but bright, child go to college in India by donating $250. It is noble if each NRI family can help one deserving child back home.

If you make any mistakes during online registration, send e-mail to Based on the nature of the mistake you did, you will be advised accordingly.

Examples of mistakes can be: selecting wrong chapter, incorrect address, wrong email addrss, etc. If you have selected wrong chapter during registration, inform immediately.

You will not be able to register if a chapter has become inactive. You cannot also register once deadline for registration is over. Contact your chapter coordinator, if you need help. No onsite registration is permitted on the day of contest.

Yes, if your child participated during last year, you can re-register your child quickly for this year's contests. From the Home Page, use Parent Login to fetch last year's profile and complete this year's registration. 

You can pay the fee using Credit Card. During registration, you will be prompted to enter credit card information. Once you complete your registration including payment, you will be able to download contest practice words immediately. No checks are accepted for payment.

Registration fee cannot be refunded if you decide to cancel your registration or if you cannot attend the contest for any reason. The fee can be considered as 100 percent tax-deductible donation to the North South Foundation.

The NorthSouth Foundation contests are conducted as a community event for the Indian American children. For the purpose of the NorthSouth Foundation contests, Indian American children are those whose roots have Indian origin. When in doubt, the following guidelines are used:  

  • A child born in India with an Indian parentage.
  • A child born outside of India with a parent having an Indian passport.
  • A child born outside of India with a parent who is eligible to hold a PIO or OCI card.
  • A child born outside of India with a parent of Indian origin, but no longer living. That is, the parent would have been eligible to hold a PIO or OCI card, if alive.

Step 1. Go through login like you did during registration. On the Parent Functions Page, click on View Status under Reports section.

Step 2. On the View Status page, focus on the last column (Contest Info). You will see links to download words, either in pdf format or MS Word format. Rigth click on the mouse and save the file on your hard disk. Don’t open the words from the link itself.

Step 3. Sign off and load the relevant software: Acrobat Reader for pdf file and MS Word for the Word file. After loading, open the file to see the words. You can print them for practice.

Note: If you are using browsers like FireFox or Netscape, the above process may fail. We have only tested the software on MS Internet Explorer.